Rapid Body Transformation Program

What are the rapid body transformation programs?

The rapid body transformation programs (RBTP) are our most advanced body fat loss and toning programs. The rapid body transformation programs consists of the most efficient combination of physical exercise and food planning available today. Using scientific knowledge of how the body adapts to body fat loss through nutrition and exercise routines, each day of the week consists of specific food plans and exercise workouts to create a positive fat burning environment in the body to maximise fat loss, while maintaining lean muscle tissue. When followed correctly, the results of these programs are amazing and can rapidly accelerate the attainment of specific body fat targets and body shape in the shortest time possible.

Who is suitable for the rapid body transformation programs? 

The rapid body transformation programs are suitable for those who have a moderate level of fitness. We recommend that the foundational work to correct any presenting spinal and pelvic misalignments be done before engaging in the more advanced exercise programs. Any major muscle imbalances would also need to be addressed to allow correct form and technique to be performed during the exercise routines, thus eliminating the risk of injury. All of this foundational work is done within the first few weeks of our fitness programs.

There is much flexibility and options available for our clients and we select the most suitable rapid body transformation program based on our clients individual needs, personalities and lifestyles. For some clients, nutrition will be more of a focus as they may not have a lot of time in the week to devote to exercise. For others who enjoy working out and have the time, exercise may be more of a focus. However, both exercise and nutrition are included in all other programs, as their effective combination always delivers the best results.